Towards Utopia

Orpheus extolling the power of poetry
and music to enchant all natural things.

What seperates us from the innate world of computer speak is our
ability to think freely and actively negotiate our existence based on
past reflections. The extent of cultural determinism versus conscious
action as long been an obdurate philosophical puzzle. Where do we come
from ? Where are we going ? Why are we here in the first place and,
most importantly, what influences determine our existence ? Well if
you, like me, are tired of searching then here is the Utopian
manifesto you so cherish .............

Slow down, step back and reminisce. Look out of the window on a
sun-drenched morning. Listen to the rain on the windows, marvel at
a rainbow and when the evening comes along gaze at the stars. Revel in
the beauty of man (or woman) ineffectual in the face of nature;
regardless of your concept of origin. Grow some vegetables.
Plant endless flowers. Harmonisie and reap what you sow and most
importantly share it.

Meditate, think freely and practice patience. Smile more often and
savor in earnest those special moments in life. Make new friends and
rediscover old ones. Tell those that you love, I LOVE YOU! Give more
freely and trust without remorse. Give in rather than take in. Let
someone in and be soft sometimes. Reach out to comfort a friend

Stop worrying about things that may or may not, or even have, happened.
Feel deeply about things that have intense significance to others and
forgive that enemy or neighbour the often reciprocal malice. Keep a
promise and take a chance ... Have faith in yourself to try new things
turn godd ideas into practice. Make some mistakes and learn from them.
Hope for the future and work hard to acheive it. Be wise and try to
understand. Cry when you need to even if it's not your party.

Be crazy and count your blessings but not your chickens. Observe
lifes' miracles and make them happen. Laugh in and out of the
face of adversity. Shed off the excesse and breathe deeply the
real essence of life itself. And finally, read copious amounts of
Shelley's Poetry whilst listening to your favourite music. Love life
BEFORE it hates you ..

............. You are your destiny !!!!!!!!!!!

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